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Dr. G. Melchias H.O.D, Dept. of Bio Technology, SJC , Trichy20-Apr-2009
GRACE 2009 : An Outsiders View

I’ve been watching the volunteers and observing the movements of the participants along with the events of GRACE all these years; but only got in to the venue and took part in two session in GRACE ’09.  Why I decided to take the plunge this time?  Two reasons;  1) A couple of days before the GRACE ’09, I was given a lift in a car by a stranger for Pullambadi.  Although he had his residence at Tolgate, the young man volunteered to drop me at my home (Chatram Bus-stand) at 11 pm.  He was talking positive and optimistic of life on Earth; an MBA of BHC and B Sc of SJC, now the Sony Chief, Stanley John.  When I said I am Professor at SJC, he said the most striking aspect of his life at SJC was “The Grace”.  He said, “Sir, I and my young brother and a number of my employees have taken leave and are here for the 09 events, the office is virtually closed for 3 days”.  2) That Friday, I was attending 06.30 am Mass by Rev. Paul Prakash at the Sodality Chapel for the SH Hostel boys.  He aid to them, “Just come and see”.

I went and saw, of course only two sessions.

The crowd of boys and girls formed the youthful humans; exhibited the energy to sustain long sessions; never fatigued; no attempt to look at the opposite sex.  Smooth and seamless in managing themselves in terms of seating, food & refreshments and break times.  They appeared to be rehearsing for the event a long time ago.  Probably the only place or event on Earth the youth moved with the sense of the presence of The Most High.  The way they god immersed into the listening process – they were visibly communicating with God as if there was nobody nearby or no one was watching!.  The only occasion many boys and girls brought on their parents; and they took pride in being part of it and showcasing it to their loved ones from home.

The whole show appeared to be thoughtfully designed by the youth; with the Campus Ministry and Staff Leaders only ready to facilitating their efforts and watching from a distance.  Staff Organisers left everything to be handled by the youth and awaiting to guide them only when necessary.  Wonderful! Volunteers were humble and handy.  Preachers never exhorted themselves; only gave the salute to the Almighty.  The number of priest, who heard confessions, and counseled with patience, sent the message that they’re ordained for similar purpose.  Publications / Invitations and related materials never bore anybody’s name; no sponsor; no salutation to persons.

In the entire calendar / academic year of events and investments, the GRACE is the single most meaningful and Godly act sanctioned by the Jesuits . . .  hundreds of souls in their prime youth are recruited as whole persons converted and convinced to be God’s soldiers to spread the message.  May this event be continuing year after year; may the spiritually thirsty youth look up to SJC as their River Jordan for their rebirth.

No wonder Stanley John Keeps visiting 7 years after his first encounter with Christ in GRACE.

Melquir , Chennai26-Feb-2009
About Grace 2009

Dear Brothers in christ, Please keep up the good spirit contacting the Grace ever year. For me, Grace 2009 was like renovating my spritial like. All the message are good and it encouraged my spritual like.

I am an alumini of SJC.

Grace 2009 was a wonderful, successful program.

Thanks !!!


Sunil , Kerala5-Jan-2009
A true catholic Website

I regularly visit this website.The Mother mary pictures in this site are as true references from the bible.
The site preaches the WORD(JESUSCHRIST)With the Covenant(Mother Mary)Who carried HIM as Flesh.I thank the Lorde for this site.

G.Prakash Raj , Madurai26-Aug-2008

I would like to congratulate every one behind the success of Grace program every year and also the team who is working for this web site. I wish that this site should be a blessing for all who visits.

daniel and kennedy , tirupur4-Aug-2008
glory to god

this website is very useful to us and all. all contents are very nice and useful to spiritual life.

Rmaria antoniraj , iruppukurichy16-Jun-2008

I am every week visiting this site, realy Iam wanted this programe .

Sebastian Raja , Finland11-Mar-2008

This web page is the Blessing of Jesus Christ. It helps to reach the word of God to all over the world. I am Thanking personally and spiritually to the grace members.

Raymond , Trichy12-Feb-2008

I went through this interactive site and mostly my attention was caught with the new feature of audio message! Only to find out that my thirst could not be quenched with what's available now.Hope to get one or two inspirational messages in English.

Rex , Trichy9-Feb-2008
Updated Contents are very nice

I am regularly visits this site. Updateed contents are really nice


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